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"The Nelson Thomlinson School was the first secondary school in Cumbria to have been judged “outstanding” under the new Ofsted framework."

Ofsted, May 2013

It is crucial that, as we continue to develop as a school, we retain the atmosphere and environment that is ‘NTS’. We call it NTS-ness. We expect to ‘NTS’ all new members of our community. Staff and students need to understand why we are special, how we achieved this and recognise that it is not a ‘given’. To this end, we want everyone to have pride in ‘NTS-ness’.

We expect staff to:

  • Have a common understanding of what the standards and expectations of NTS are
  • Be ‘on-board’ in terms of acting on these standards and expectations. (Uniform, behaviour, equipment, manners.)

We expect students to:

  • Look the part
  • Act the part

We're very proud of the experience enjoyed by our alumni, staff and associates so we have created a showcase of some of our past pupils, current staff, governors, associates and friends.

Me & My School

Mrs Patricia Newton

I was a pupil at The Nelson Thomlinson School from 1979 to 1984. As a pupil, my experience at Nelson Thomlinson was enjoyable but I never envisaged being back here working as a full time Teaching Assistant.

My employment here started in 2005 when I began work as a midday supervisor. I thoroughly enjoyed this role, being able to interact with the pupils.

In 2008 I was given the opportunity to work part time in the Learning Support Department. This was a very exciting time for me. It is thanks to the support from my colleagues in this excellent department and the school as a whole that I have now completed my NVQ Level 3 and work full time as a Teaching Assistant. I find this a very rewarding position, being able to support the pupils to fulfil their potential.

I am very fortunate to belong to that group of people who wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work; I can honestly say that’s how I feel about working at The Nelson Thomlinson School.

Mrs Patricia Newton
Teaching Assistant